On Kubernetes, Redis Enterprise Active-Active databases provide read and write access to the same dataset from different Kubernetes clusters.

There are two methods for creating an Active-Active database with Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes. The crdb-cli method is available on all supported versions. The RedisEnterpriseActiveActiveDatabase (REAADB) custom resource available as a public preview with the 6.4.2-4 release. If you plan to use this feature while in preview, contact Redis support.

crdb-cli method

The currently supported Active-Active setup method includes the following steps:

  1. Install and configure an ingress.
  2. Gathering configuration details.
  3. Adding the ActiveActive field to the REC spec.
  4. Creating the database with the crdb-cli tool.

REAADB public preview

The 6.2.4-4 release includes a public preview of new Active-Active controller. The new setup method includes the following steps:

  1. Enable the new resources on your RedisEnterpriseClusters (REC).
  2. Configure an ingress with ingressOrRouteSpec in the REC spec.
  3. Collect and apply REC admin credentials for all participating RECs.
  4. Create RedisEnterpriseRemoteCluster (RERC) resources.
  5. Create RedisEnterpriseActiveActiveDatabase (REAADB) resource.

More info

For more general information about Active-Active, see the Redis Enterprise Software docs.