This section lists the different ways to set up and run Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes. You can deploy on variety of Kubernetes distributions both on-prem and in the cloud via our Redis Enterprise operator for Kubernetes.

Operator overview

Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes uses custom resource definitions (CRDs) to create and manage Redis Enterprise clusters (REC) and Redis Enterprise databases (REDB).

The operator is a deployment that runs within a given namespace. These operator pods must run with sufficient privileges to create the Redis Enterprise cluster resources within that namespace.

When the operator is installed, the following resources are created:

  • a service account under which the operator will run
  • a set of roles to define the privileges necessary for the operator to perform its tasks
  • a set of role bindings to authorize the service account for the correct roles (see above)
  • the CRD for a Redis Enterprise cluster (REC)
  • the CRD for a Redis Enterprise database (REDB)
  • the operator itself (a deployment)

The operator currently runs within a single namespace and is scoped to operate only on the Redis Enterprise cluster in that namespace.


Before installing, check Supported Kubernetes distributions to see which Redis Enterprise operator version supports your Kubernetes distribution.