Before upgrading

Be aware the following changes included in this release affect the upgrade process. Please read carefully before upgrading.

Supported upgrade paths

If you are using operator version 6.2.8-15 or earlier, you cannot upgrade directly to operator versions 6.2.12 through 6.4.2-5. You must upgrade to operator version 6.2.10-45 before you can upgrade to operator versions between 6.2.12 and 6.4.2-5. However, upgrades directly to operator version 6.4.2-6 are supported.

OpenShift versions 6.2.12 or earlier

Due to a change in the SCC, on OpenShift clusters running version 6.2.12 or earlier upgrading to version 6.2.18 or later, where node:1 is not the master node, the upgrade might get stuck.

For more info and steps to prevent this issue, see upgrade a Redis Enterprise cluster (REC).

Operator version 6.4.2-6 includes a fix for this issue.

Large clusters

On clusters with more than 9 REC nodes, a Kubernetes upgrade can render the Redis cluster unresponsive in some cases. A fix is available in the 6.4.2-5 release. Upgrade your operator version to 6.4.2-5 or later before upgrading your Kubernetes cluster.

Version (Release date)  Major changes
6.2.18-41 (Jan 2023) This is a maintenance release for 6.2.18 and includes support for Redis Enterprise 6.2.18-72.
6.2.18-41 (Dec 2022) This is a maintenance release for 6.2.18 and includes bug fixes.
6.2.18-3 (Nov 2022) Support added for additional distributions, as well as feature improvements and bug fixes.