This is a maintenance release of Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes version 6.4.2-8 and includes an updated Redis Enterprise image.

New in this release

Feature enhancements

  • New Redis Enterprise software version 6.4.2-103

Upgrade considerations

Be aware the following changes included in this release affect the upgrade process. Please read carefully before upgrading to 6.4.2-8.

  • Upgrade path to versions 7.2.4-2 or later

    Upgrading from this versions 7.2.4-2 or 7.2.4-7 is not possible using the OpenShift Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM). OLM users will need to skip to version 7.2.4-10 to upgrade from this release version.

  • ValidatingWebhookConfiguration

    This release uses a new ValidatingWebhookConfiguration resource to replace the redb-admission webhook resource. To use releases 6.4.2-4 or later, delete the old webhook resource and apply the new file. See upgrade Redis cluster for instructions.

  • OpenShift SCC

    This release includes a new SCC (redis-enterprise-scc-v2) that you need to bind to your service account before upgrading. OpenShift clusters running version 6.2.12 or earlier upgrading to version 6.2.18 or later might get stuck if you skip this step. See upgrade a Redis Enterprise cluster (REC) for expand.


See 6.4.2-8 (July 2023) release notes.


  • Redis Enterprise: redislabs/redis:6.4.2-103
  • Operator: redislabs/operator:6.4.2-8
  • Services Rigger: redislabs/k8s-controller:6.4.2-8.

OpenShift images

  • Redis Enterprise: registry.connect.redhat.com/redislabs/redis-enterprise:6.4.2-103.rhel8-openshift (or redislabs/redis-enterprise:6.4.2-103.rhel7-openshift if upgrading from RHEL 7)
  • Operator: registry.connect.redhat.com/redislabs/redis-enterprise-operator:6.4.2-8
  • Services Rigger: registry.connect.redhat.com/redislabs/services-manager:6.4.2-8

OLM bundle

  • Redis Enterprise operator bundle : v6.4.2-8.1

Known limitations

See 6.4.2-8 (July 2023) release notes.