This section contains security settings and configuration for Redis Enterprise Software on Kubernetes.

    Configure LDAP authentication

    How to configure LDAP authentication for a Redis Enterprise cluster on Kubernetes.

    Manage Redis Enterprise cluster (REC) credentials

    The Redis Enterprise Software on Kubernetes uses a custom resource called RedisEnterpriseCluster to create a Redis Enterprise cluster (REC). At the time of creation, it generates random credentials the operator will use to perform operations on the Redis Enterprise cluster via the APIs. The credentials are saved in a Kubernetes (K8s) secret. The secret name defaults to the name of the cluster. Note: This procedure is only supported for operator versions 6.

    Manage Redis Enterprise cluster (REC) certificates

    Install your own certificates to be used by the Redis Enterprise cluster's operator.

    Enable internode encryption

    Enable encryption for communication between REC nodes in your K8s cluster.