Modules add additional functionality to Redis databases for specific use cases. You can enable modules when you create a database.


Create a database with a module

You can only add modules to a database when you first create it. You cannot add modules to an existing database.

In the Redis Enterprise admin console, follow these steps to add modules to a database:

  1. From the databases page, select the Add button to create a new database:

    The Add icon
  2. Confirm that you want to create a new Redis database with the Next button.

  3. Configure the database settings.

  4. For Redis Modules:

    1. Select the Add button:

      The Add icon
    2. Select the module from the Module dropdown list.

    3. To use custom configuration with a module, select Add configuration and enter the configuration options.

    4. Select the OK button to confirm that you want to enable the module:

      The Save icon
    5. Repeat these steps to add additional modules to the database.

      You cannot use RediSearch 1.x and RediSearch 2.x in the same database.
  5. Select Show advanced options and enter a port number for the database, such as 12543.

    Depending on the features supported by an enabled module, certain database configuration fields may not be available.
  6. Select the Activate button.

Module configuration options