Redis Stack simplifies installation and deployment of multiple modules with open source Redis databases.

Redis Enterprise Cloud and Redis Enterprise Software support all capabilities of Redis Stack.

For Fixed or Free subscriptions, Redis Enterprise Cloud supports Redis Stack through the Create database workflow.

When you create a new database in a Fixed or Free Redis Enterprise Cloud subscription, you can set the Type property to Redis Stack.

For Fixed and Free subscriptions, the Type setting in the General section includes an option for Redis Stack.

This automatically adds the following modules to the new database:

Flexible or Annual Redis Cloud subscriptions and Redis Enterprise Software also support all capabilities of Redis Stack.

When creating new databases for Redis Enterprise Software or for Flexible/Annual Redis Enterprise Cloud subscriptions, you select the specific modules that support your specific scenario.

Each module is available to the database; combine them to meet your needs.

(At this time, RedisGraph cannot be combined with other modules in sharded databases.)

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