The following table lists RediSearch commands. See the command links for more information about each command’s syntax, arguments, and examples.

Command Description
FT.AGGREGATE Runs a search query on an index and groups, sorts, transforms, limits, and/or filters the results.
FT.ALIASADD Adds an alias to an index.
FT.ALIASDEL Removes an alias from an index.
FT.ALIASUPDATE Adds an alias to an index. If the alias already exists for a different index, it updates the alias to point to the specified index instead.
FT.ALTER Adds a new field to an index.
FT.CONFIG GET Displays configuration options.
FT.CONFIG HELP Describes configuration options.
FT.CONFIG SET Sets configuration options.
FT.CREATE Creates an index.
FT.CURSOR DEL Deletes a cursor.
FT.CURSOR READ Reads the next results from an existing cursor.
FT.DICTADD Adds terms to a dictionary.
FT.DICTDEL Deletes terms from a dictionary.
FT.DICTDUMP Returns all terms in the specified dictionary.
FT.DROPINDEX Deletes an index.
FT.EXPLAIN Returns the execution plan for a complex query as a string.
FT.EXPLAINCLI Returns the execution plan for a complex query as an array.
FT.INFO Returns index information and statistics.
FT._LIST Lists all indexes.
FT.PROFILE Runs FT.SEARCH or FT.AGGREGATE and reports performance information.
FT.SEARCH Searches an index for a text query and returns matching documents or document IDs.
FT.SPELLCHECK Suggests spelling corrections for misspelled terms in a query.
FT.SYNDUMP Returns a list of synonym terms and their synonym group IDs.
FT.SYNUPDATE Creates or updates a synonym group with additional terms.
FT.TAGVALS Returns all distinct values indexed in a tag field.