v2.2.5 (November 2021)

This is the General Availability release of RediSearch 2.2.


Searching and indexing JSON documents

This release introduces the ability to index, query, and full-text search JSON documents using JSONPath queries.

On the schema creation FT.CREATE, it is now possible to map a JSONPath query with a field. When a JSON document is indexed, the value extracted by the JSONPath query is indexed in the given field.

This features require the module RedisJSON 2.0 to be installed.

Profiling queries

With the new FT.PROFILE command, it is now possible to profile in detail the execution time of several internal steps involved in the execution of FT.SEARCH and FT.AGGREGATE. That way, it is possible to understand which part of the query is taking most of the resources.

Field aliasing

With the support of JSON document indexing, it is now possible to map a JSONPath query to an alias. Therefore, it is possible to index the same value in different fields with different indexing strategies.


  • Enhancements:

  • Bug fixes:

    • #2341 Fix score field for JSON
    • #2325 Fix escaping for tags
    • #2269 Remove empty tag values
    • #2223 Replace NULL with empty iterator for child of negative iterator
    • #2215 Update field limit on tags
    • #2143 Partial JSON documents are not indexed
    • #2109 Field loaded with ‘AS’ can’t be used by functions

Notes: This is the first GA version of 2.2. The version inside Redis will be 2.2.5 in semantic versioning. Since the version of a module in Redis is numeric, we could not add a GA flag.