RediSearch v2.6.5 requires:

  • Minimum Redis compatibility version (database): 6.0.16
  • Minimum Redis Enterprise Software version (cluster): 6.2.8

v2.6.5 (February 2023)

This is a maintenance release for RediSearch 2.6.

Update urgency: HIGH: There is a critical bug that may affect a subset of users. Upgrade!


  • Bug fixes:

    • #3354 Library update preventing a crash during cluster failover (MOD-4560)
    • #3357 Handling division by zero in expressions preventing nodes to restart (MOD-4296)
    • #3332 Fix wildcards * queries on DIALECT 2 and DIALECT 3
  • Improvements:

    • #3361 Enable the use of IPv6 for all cluster and module communication

v2.6.4 (December 2022)

This is a maintenance release for RediSearch 2.6.

Update urgency: MODERATE: Program an upgrade of the server, but it’s not urgent.


  • Bug fixes:

    • #3289 Potential crash when querying multiple fields (MOD-4639)
    • #3279 Potential crash when querying using wildcard * on TAG field (MOD-4653)
  • Improvements:

    • #3256 Support IPv6 on cluster set command
    • #3194 Add the query dialects that are in use to FT.INFO and INFO MODULE commands (MOD-4232)
    • #3258 Add the module version and Redis version to INFO MODULE

v2.6 GA (v2.6.3) (November 2022)

This is the General Availability release of RediSearch 2.6.


This new major version introduces the ability to search using wildcard queries for TEXT and TAG fields. This enables the frequently requested feature suffix search (*vatore and ant?rez are now supported). In addition, the 2.6 release is all about multi-value indexing and querying of attributes for any attribute type ( Text, Tag, Numeric, Geo and Vector) defined by a JSONPath leading to an array or to multiple scalar values. Lastly, this version adds support for indexing double-precision floating-point vectors and range queries from a given vector.

What’s new in 2.6


  • Improvements:

    • #2886 Support for wildcard queries for TEXT and TAG fields, where
      • ? matches any single character
      • * matches zero or more characters
      • use ' and \ for escaping, other special characters are ignored
      • #2932 Optimized wildcard query support (i.e., suffix trie)
    • Multi-value indexing and querying
      • #2819, #2947 Multi-value text search - perform full-text search on an array of strings or on a JSONPath leading to multiple strings
      • #3131 Geo #3118 Vector #2985 Numeric #3180 Tag
      • #3060 Return JSON rather than scalars from multi-value attributes. This is enabled via Dialect 3 in order not to break existing applications.
      • Support indexing and querying of multi-value JSONPath attributes and/or arrays (requires JSON >2.4.1)
      • #3182 Support for SORTABLE fields on JSON in an implicit un-normalized form (UNF)
    • #3156 Vector similarity 0.5.1:
      • Better space optimization selection (#175)
      • Aligning index capacity with block size (#177)
      • #3129 Support FLOAT64 as vector data type
      • #3176 Range query support
      • #3105 Support query attributes for vector queries
  • Bugs (since 2.6-RC1 / v2.6.1):

    • #3197 Failure to create temporary indices
    • #3098 Wrong return value in Geo query
    • #3230 Use the correct total number of matching records
With this release, we stop supporting direct upgrades from RediSearch v1.4 and v1.6 that are End-of-Life. Such RDB files can still be upgraded to RediSearch 2.0 first.
If indexing and querying RedisJSON data structures, this version is best combined with RedisJSON 2.4 GA (v2.4.1 onwards).