The following table lists RedisJSON commands. See the command links for more information about each command’s syntax, arguments, and examples.

Command Description
JSON.ARRAPPEND Appends an element to a JSON array.
JSON.ARRINDEX Returns the index of a value’s first occurrence in a JSON array.
JSON.ARRINSERT Inserts JSON values into a JSON array before the given index.
JSON.ARRLEN Returns the length of a JSON array.
JSON.ARRPOP Removes and returns an element located at the index in the JSON array.
JSON.ARRTRIM Trims a JSON array so that it contains only the specified inclusive range of elements.
JSON.CLEAR Clears container values (arrays/objects) and sets numeric values to 0.
JSON.DEBUG Debugging container command.
JSON.DEBUG HELP Returns helpful information about the JSON.DEBUG command.
JSON.DEBUG MEMORY Reports a JSON element’s memory usage in bytes.
JSON.DEL Removes a JSON element.
JSON.FORGET Removes a JSON element, the same as JSON.DEL.
JSON.GET Returns the value of an element in JSON-serialized form.
JSON.MGET Returns the values of multiple elements.
JSON.NUMINCRBY Increments the number stored at path by the specified number.
JSON.NUMMULTBY Multiplies the number stored at path by the specified number. (deprecated as of RedisJSON v2.0)
JSON.OBJKEYS Returns the keys contained in the specified JSON object.
JSON.OBJLEN Returns the number of keys in the specified JSON object.
JSON.RESP Returns a JSON element in Redis Serialization Protocol (RESP) format.
JSON.SET Sets the value of a JSON element.
JSON.STRAPPEND Appends the given string to the specified key’s existing strings.
JSON.STRLEN Returns the length of a string.
JSON.TOGGLE If the boolean is true, changes it to false. If the boolean is false, changes it to true.
JSON.TYPE Returns a JSON element’s type.