v2.0.4 (November 2021)

This is the General Availability release of RedisJSON 2.0.


RedisJSON is a high-performance JSON document store that allows developers to build modern applications. It stores and processes JSON in-memory, supporting millions of operations per second with sub-millisecond response times. The combination of RediSearch, native indexing, querying, and full-text search of JSON documents allows developers to create secondary indexes and query data at lightning speed.

Indexing JSON documents

Using RediSearch, it is now possible to index, query, and search JSON documents, gaining full-text search capabilities and document retrieving based on their content.

To do so, you must install both modules, RedisJSON and RediSearch, on the same database.

Support of JSON Path

The commands support JSONPath as specified in the original specifications.

The legacy path syntax is still supported.

Commands operate on multiple paths

A JSONPath query may resolve to several paths. Every command supports multiple paths and applies the operation to all the encountered paths.

Notice that the output of the commands evolved to provide multiple results according to the number of paths impacted.


  • Enhancements

    • #477 Support of Multipath
    • #336 Added generic JSON path implementation
    • #525 Error messages prefixed with ERR or WRONGTYPE
    • #490 Performance: Discard to_value method
    • #426 Move from next_string to next_str
    • #464 Initial RedisJSON commands.json file
    • #488 Docker with RediSearch revisited
  • Bug fixes

    • #515 JSON.DEL count deleted null value
    • #499 Avoid crash in ARRTRIM
    • #458 Docker/Debian: moved from Buster to Bullseye
    • #397 Support RDB Short Read in RedisJSON (a.k.a diskless-load)
    • #398 Avoid path clone when not needed
    • #416 Add testGetWithBracketNotation