Version (Release date)  Major changes Min Redis
Min cluster
v1.6 (January 2022) Added support for aggregating across multiple time series (multi-key). Can compute queries such as “the maximum observed value of a set of time series” server-side instead of client-side. 6.0.16 6.2.8
v1.4 (September 2020) Added ability to backfill time series. 5.0.0 6.0.12
v1.2 (January 2020) Added compression. Stable ingestion time independent of the number of the data points on a time series. API performance improvements. Extended client support. 5.0.0 6.0.12
v1.0 (June 2019) Downsampling/compaction. Secondary indexing. Aggregation at read time. Integration with Prometheus, Grafana, and Telegraph. 5.0.0 5.4.0