You can use the Redis Enterprise Cloud REST API to create databases.

These examples use the cURL utility. You can use any REST client to work with the Redis Cloud REST API. The examples in this article refer to databases that are part of Flexible subscriptions.

Create a database

To create a database, use POST /subscriptions/{subscription-id}/databases

The database is created in an existing or a newly created subscription.

When a subscription is created, it is created with at least one database.

You can add databases to the subscription; you can also update or delete existing databases.

Creating a database is an asynchronous operation.

The following API call creates a database.

POST "https://[host]/v1/subscriptions/$SUBSCRIPTION_ID/databases"
  "name": "Database-example-basic",
  "memoryLimitInGb": 10,
  "password": "[email protected]"

The JSON body contains only the most basic, required parameters in order to create a database:

  • Database name - A unique name per subscription that can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphens
  • Maximum database size in GB
  • Database password

Additional database parameters

There are many additional parameters and settings that can be defined on database creation:

  • Review the database parameters and options in the Swagger OpenAPI documentation.
  • Select POST Create database.
  • Under Database definition, click on the Model options.