You can use the Redis Enterprise Cloud REST API to create databases.

These examples use the cURL utility; you can use any REST client to work with the Redis Cloud REST API.

Create a database

To create a database, use POST /subscriptions/{subscription-id}/databases

The database is created in an existing or a newly created subscription.

When a subscription is created, it is created with at least one database.

You can add databases to the subscription; you can also update or delete existing databases.

Creating a database is an asynchronous operation.

The following API call creates a database.

POST "https://[host]/v1/subscriptions/$SUBSCRIPTION_ID/databases"
  "name": "Database-example-basic",
  "memoryLimitInGb": 10,
  "password": "[email protected]"

The JSON body contains only the most basic, required parameters in order to create a database:

  • Database name - A unique name per subscription that can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphens
  • Maximum database size in GB
  • Database password

Additional database parameters

There are many additional parameters and settings that can be defined on database creation:

  • Review the database parameters and options in the Swagger OpenAPI documentation.
  • Select POST Create database.
  • Under Database definition, click on the Model options.