You can use the Redis Cloud REST API to create and manage cloud accounts.

These examples use the cURL utility; you can use any REST client to work with the Redis Cloud REST API.

Create a cloud account

To create a cloud account, use the POST /v1/cloud-accounts endpoint.

The created cloud account is defined by a JSON document that is sent as the body of the request.

POST https://[host]/v1/cloud-accounts
  "accessKeyId": "$ACCESS_KEY_ID",
  "accessSecretKey": "$ACCESS_SECRET_KEY",
  "consolePassword": "$CONSOLE_PASSWORD",
  "consoleUsername": "$CONSOLE_USERNAME",
  "name": "My new Cloud Account",
  "provider": "AWS",
  "signInLoginUrl": "https://$"

The POST response is a JSON document that contains the taskId. You can use GET /v1/tasks/<taskId> to track the status of the cloud account creation.