The root API operation returns information about the current account, user, and API Key (as identified by the set of API Keys provided in the API request).

GET "https://[host]/v1/subscriptions/<subscription_id>/databases/<database_id>/metrics?metricSpan=1hour"

Here is an example of the API operation response:

  "account": {
    "id": 654321,
    "name": "Redis",
    "createdTimestamp": "2018-12-23T15:15:31Z",
    "updatedTimestamp": "2019-07-04T12:22:04Z",
    "key": {
      "name": "jay-doe-api-key-6",
      "accountId": 654321,
      "accountName": "Redis account for Jay Doe",
      "allowedSourceIps": [
      "createdTimestamp": "2019-06-06T07:41:14Z",
      "owner": {
        "name": "Jay Doe",
        "email": "[email protected]"
      "httpSourceIp": ""

The above example contains:

  • httpSourceIp: The public source IP of the current user
  • allowedSourceIps: Restricts the current API Key access to requests originating from IP addresses that reside within the specified IP range