If you have a Flexible (or Annual) Redis Enterprise Cloud subscription, you can use a REST API to manage your subscription programmatically.

The Redis Cloud REST API is available only to Flexible or Annual subscriptions. It is not supported for Fixed or Free subscriptions.

For security reasons, the Redis Cloud API is disabled by default.

To enable the API:

  1. Sign in to your Redis Cloud subscription as an account owner.

  2. From the menu, choose Settings.

  3. In the Account tab, locate the Cloud API Access Key in the Misc section.

    Cloud API Access Key setting in the Misc section of the Redis Cloud settings

    If you do not see the Cloud API Access Key setting, verify that you’re signed into a Flexible (or Annual) subscription and that you are an account owner.

  4. If the setting contains a key, the API is already enabled.

    If you see a Generate button, select it to generate your key.

The generated key is the API access key. You need to combine this with a secret key to make API calls.

Only account owners can see the access key in the account settings.

Warning -
Make sure that you keep your access keys secret. Anyone who sends an API request with a valid access key can make changes to your account.

To further manage your API keys and limit usage by subnet, see Manage API keys.