This changelog lists new features, enhancements, and other changes added to Redis Cloud during August 2023.

New features

Redis 7.2 flexible opt-in

You can opt in to Redis 7.2 on Flexible subscriptions. Redis 7.2 introduces several changes to existing Redis commands; see the list of breaking changes published in June’s changelog for more details.

Triggers and functions preview

A preview of triggers and functions (previously known as RedisGears) is now available in the following regions:

  • AWS Asia Pacific - Singapore (ap-southeast-1)
  • GCP Asia Pacific - Tokyo (asia-northeast1)

To use it, create a fixed subscription in one of these regions. Then, create your database and set the database Type to Redis and select Triggers and Functions in the drop-down. Or, set the database Type to Redis Stack to get all of our advanced capabilities.

If you’d like to use triggers and functions with a Flexible subscription, contact support.

For more information about triggers and functions, see the triggers and functions documentation.

Maintenance windows

You can now set manual maintenance windows if you want to control when Redis can perform maintenance for a Flexible subscription.

Known issues

Invalid ACL rule causes failed state machine

Applying an invalid ACL rule to a database may cause a failed state machine. If this happens, use the PUT /v1/acl/redisRules/{aclRedisRuleId} API call to update the rule, and then delete it if necessary.