You can use HashiCorp Terraform to create identity and access management (IAM) resources to support AWS cloud account access to Redis Cloud subscriptions.

The following example uses the terraform-aws-Redislabs-Cloud-Account-IAM-Resources module, located in Amazon S3:

  1. Create a as shown below (update the profile, region, and pgp_key values as appropriate).

    Note that a pgp_key is required. For details, see the Terraform docs.

    View terraformIAMTemplate.json
  2. Initialize Terraform with the module:

    Note: Terraform requires AWS credentials be supplied, but the source of the module is a public S3 bucket, so any valid credentials should work. Replace the XXXX fields below with your relevant values

  3. Build the resources:

    terraform apply

    This displays the required values. To access the sensitive data:

    • accessSecretKey: echo $(terraform output -raw accessSecretKey)

    • consolePassword:

      echo $(terraform output -raw consolePassword | base64 --decode | keybase pgp decrypt)