If you subscribed to Redis Cloud through Google Cloud Marketplace using the Redis Enterprise Cloud listing, use the IAM section of the Google Cloud console to manage your team.

To grant Redis Cloud access to a Google Cloud user, select Add to add a member, insert the email address, and then assign the following roles to the user:

  • To designate a viewer, assign serviceusage.serviceUsageViewer & redisenterprisecloud.viewer
  • To designate an owner, assign serviceusage.serviceUsageViewer & redisenterprisecloud.admin

If these roles are not available, you can add them to your project.

  1. Select Manage Roles.
  2. Use the filter table field to locate the role. (Search for “service usage viewer” or “Redis Enterprise Cloud admin”.)
  3. Select the role.
  4. Select Create role from selection and then select Create.
  5. Use IAM to add a member and assign the desired role.

Users must sign in to Redis Enterprise Cloud using their single sign-on credentials before they appear in the team member list.