The Logs page contains events, alerts, and logs from the activities, databases, and subscriptions associated with your account.

Choose the Logs command from the Redis Cloud admin console menu to view your subscription system log.

You can:

  • Sort the list by a specific field in descending or ascending order. Supported fields include Time, Originator, Database name, API key name, and Activity.

    Use the arrows in the list header to sort the list.   The direction of the arrow corresponds to the direction of the sort.

    Select the arrow icon to change the sort order. You can only sort by one field at a time.

  • Use the Export all button to export all logs as a comma-separated values (CSV) file for use in other systems and programs.

    Use the export all button in the top right to export all logs to a CSV file
  • Use the refresh button to refresh the system logs.

    Use the refresh button in the top right to refresh the system logs
  • Use the search bar to search for specific entries. Supported fields include Originator, Database name, API key name, Activity, and Description.