This page helps you manage your Redis Cloud subscriptions; it briefly compares available plans and shows where to find help with common tasks.

Subscription plans

As of February 2021, Redis Enterprise Cloud supports the following subscription plans:

  • Free plans are designed for training purposes and prototyping. They can be seamlessly upgraded to Fixed plans with no data loss. (Free plans are a tier of Fixed plans.)

  • Fixed plans are cost-efficient and designed for low-throughput scenarios. They support a range of availability, persistence, and backup options. Pricing supports low throughput workloads.

  • Flexible plans support more databases (and larger sizes), unlimited connections, and greater throughput. Hosted in dedicated VPCs, they feature high-availability in a single or multi-AZ, active-active geo distribution, Auto Tiering, clustering, data persistence, and configurable backups. Pricing is “pay as you go” to support any dataset size or throughput.

  • Annual plans support the same features as Flexible plans, but at significant savings. Annual plans also provide Premium support. Further, the underlying commitment applies to all workloads across multiple providers and regions.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Feature Free plan Fixed plan Flexible/
Annual plan
Number of databases 1 4-64 Unlimited
Memory size 30 MB 100 MB-10 GB 50 TB
Concurrent connections 30 256-10,000 Unlimited
Security role-based auth
password protection
encryption in transit
role-based auth
password protection
SSL & SIP auth
encryption in transit
role-based auth
password protection
SSL & SAIP auth
encryption in transit
encryption at rest
Admin REST API No No Yes
Support Best effort Basic Flexible: Standard
Annual: Premium
Selected additional features

Dedicated accounts
Auto Tiering

To learn more, see Redis Enterprise Cloud Pricing.

Common tasks

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