By default, Redis will maintain your Redis Cloud subscriptions and databases as needed. During maintenance, you may notice some latency when connecting to your databases. For more information about the types of maintenance and how Redis maintains your subscriptions, see Maintenance.

You typically do not need to set a maintenance window manually as Redis will attempt to perform maintenance during low-traffic hours when possible, based on the region where your subscription is located. If you want to control when Redis performs maintenance for a Flexible subscription, you can set manual maintenance windows to ensure non-urgent maintenance will occur at set times.

After you set a maintenance window, you can change it at any time. However, changing your maintenance window will not affect any maintenance that is scheduled in the next 24 hours.

Set manual maintenance windows

To set manual maintenance windows for a single flexible subscription:

  1. From the admin console, select the Subscriptions menu and then select your subscription from the list.

  2. Select the Overview tab.

  3. In the Maintenance Windows panel, select Manual.

  4. Click Activate to confirm your selection.

  5. Enter the maintenance window time frame details.

    The set maintenance windows panel
    • Select the days that Redis can perform maintenance in the Days drop-down.
    • Select the time that Redis can start performing maintenance on those days in the From drop-down.
    • Select the amount of time that Redis can perform maintenance in the Duration drop-down.
    • Select + Time Frame to add another time frame for maintenance.

    Redis recommends allowing maintenance on at least two different days for 8 hours on each day.

  6. Click Save.