To view the details of a Fixed subscription:

  1. Sign in to the Redis Cloud console.

  2. If you have more than one subscription, select the target subscription from the subscription list.

    The Subscription list shows your current subscriptions.
  3. Your subscription details appear, along with a summary of your database details.

    The Databases tab of the subscription details page is the default view.

From here, you can:

  • Select the Upgrade Plan button to update the subscription plan tier, high availability settings, or payment method.

    Select the Upgrade plan button to update your subscription settings.
  • Select the New Database button to create a new database for your subscription.

    Use the **New database** button to create a new database for your subscription.
  • Select the Overview tab to view and edit subscription details.

The following sections provide more details.

Upgrade subscription plan

Use the Upgrade plan button to update your Fixed subscription tier, your high availability settings, or your payment method.

Use the Upgrade plan button to change selected Fixed subscription detils.

Change subscription tier

To change your subscription tier, select the desired tier from the list and select the Upgrade plan button:

Select the desired subscription tier from the ones shown.

Each tier in a Fixed plan provides a variety of benefits, including increased memory, number of databases, connections, and so on.

For a comparison of available tiers, see Fixed size subscription tiers.

When you change your plan tier, your data and endpoints are not disrupted.

If you upgrade a free plan to a paid tier, you need to add a payment method.

If you change your subscription to a lower tier, make sure your data (and databases) fit within the limits of the new tier; otherwise, the change attempt will fail.

Change high availability

To change your plan’s high availability settings, select the desired setting in the High availability panel.

Use the High availability panel to set Fixed subscription replication settings.

Fixed plans support either no replication or single-zone replication.

Free tiers do not support replication.

Change payment method

To change your subscription payment method, update the Credit card settings. You can select a known payment method from the drop-down list or use the Add button to add a new one.

Use the Credit card drop-down to set your subscription payment method.

Payment method changes require the Owner role. If your sign-on is not a subscription owner, you cannot change the payment method.

To verify your role, select Access Management from the admin menu and then locate your credentials in the Team tab.

Save changes

Use the Upgrade plan button to save changes.

Use the Upgrade plan button to save your subscription plan changes.

Subscription overview

The Overview tab summarizes your Fixed subscription details using a series of panels:

The Overview tab displays the details of your Fixed subscription.

The following details are displayed:

Detail Description
Cloud vendor Your subscription cloud vendor
Plan description Brief summary of subscription, including the plan type, cloud provider, region, and data size limit
Availability Describes high availability settings
Region The region your subscription is deployed to
Plan The tier of your Fixed plan, expressed in terms of maximum database size. Also displays the cost for paid plans.
Databases Maximum number of databases for your plan
Connections Maximum number of concurrent connections
CIDR allow rules Maximum number of authorization rules
Data persistence Indicates whether persistence is supported for your subscription
Daily & instant backups Indicates whether backups are supported for your subscription
Replication Indicates whether replication is supported for your subscription
Clustering Indicates whether clustering is supported for your subscription

Select the Edit button to change the subscription name.

Use the **Edit** button to change the subscription name.

The Delete subscription button lets you delete your subscription.

Use the Delete subscription button to delete your subscription plan.