RDI offline package


wget -O /tmp/redis-di-offline.tar.gz


wget -O /tmp/redis-di-offline.tar.gz


wget -O /tmp/redis-di-offline.tar.gz


wget -O /tmp/redis-di-offline.tar.gz

Debezium Container Image


Install RedisGears and its dependencies

If your Redis Enterprise Cluster version is 6.2.18 or higher, you can install RedisGears using the RDI CLI:

  • Download RedisGears bundled with Python plugin:

    Ubuntu 20.04

    curl -s --tlsv1.3 -o /tmp/

    Ubuntu 18.04

    curl -s --tlsv1.3 -o /tmp/

    RHEL 8

    curl -s -o /tmp/

    RHEL 7

    curl -s -o /tmp/
  • Run the create command in interactive mode:

    redis-di create

    The RDI CLI will prompt you to specify the location of the RedisGears zip file, which is located at /tmp/ unless you modified the curl command above.

    The RDI CLI will ask for your cluster host, port, user name, and password, and it will attempt to install RedisGears before continuing with the creation of the RDI database.

Install RDI CLI

On the workstation where the RDI CLI is to be installed, follow these steps:

  • Unpack the downloaded redis-di-offline.tar.gz into the /tmp directory:

    tar xvf /tmp/redis-di-offline.tar.gz
  • Unpack redis-di.tar.gz into the /usr/local/bin/ directory:

    sudo tar xvf /tmp/redis-di-offline/redis-di-cli/redis-di.tar.gz -C /usr/local/bin/

    Note: Non-root users should unpack to a directory with write permission and run redis-di directly from it.

Create RDI BDB

redis-di create --silent --cluster-host <CLUSTER_HOST> --cluster-user <CLUSTER_USER> --cluster-password <CLUSTER_PASSWORD> --rdi-port <RDI_PORT> --rdi-password <RDI_PASSWORD>

Note: You can omit the --rdi-port argument and the BDB will be created on the next available port (starting with 12001).

Load the Debezium image

  • Copy the downloaded debezium_server_2.3.0.Final_offline.tar.gz into /tmp.
  • Load the image:
    docker load < /tmp/debezium_server_2.3.0.Final_offline.tar.gz
  • Tag the image as latest:
    docker tag debezium/server:2.3.0.Final_offline debezium/server:2.3.0.Final
    docker tag debezium/server:2.3.0.Final_offline debezium/server:latest

Finalize the installation

Continue the installation as described here.