The following installation instructions install the RDI CLI on a local workstation. For installing in Kubernetes (K8s) or OpenShift please see k8s installation.

RDI installation is done via the RDI CLI. The CLI should have network access to the Redis Enterprise cluster API (port 9443 by default).

Download RDI CLI

Ubuntu 20.04

wget -O /tmp/redis-di.tar.gz

Ubuntu 18.04

wget -O /tmp/redis-di.tar.gz


wget -O /tmp/redis-di.tar.gz


wget -O /tmp/redis-di.tar.gz

Install RDI CLI

Unpack the downloaded redis-di.tar.gz into the /usr/local/bin/ directory:

sudo tar xvf /tmp/redis-di.tar.gz -C /usr/local/bin/

Note: Non-root users should unpack to a directory with write permission and run redis-di directly from it.