1.13.1 (November 2022)

This is the maintenance release of RedisInsight 1.13 (v1.13.1).


  • Core:
    • Fixed container vulnerabilities.
    • Prevented healthcheck API from overloading RedisInsight DB. Earlier, a separate session was created for each healthcheck hit, which overloaded the database with too many session tokens. Now, healtcheck API doesn’t create any session tokens.
    • Get Sentinel host using IP field.
  • Memory Analysis:
    • Added support for hashlistpack, zsetlistpack, quicklist2 and streamlistpack2, encoding types.

1.13.0 (August 2022)

This is the General Availability Release of RedisInsight 1.13 (v1.13.0).


  • Subpath Proxy Support



  • Subpath Proxy support: RedisInsight can now be proxied behind a subpath
  • Added trusted origins environment variable to set trusted origins
  • Fixed major container vulnerabilities
  • Added proxy notification that displays when such an environment is found


  • Fixed index information


  • Added support for IPv6 clients

Memory Analyzer

  • Fixed Lua recommendation