This is the public preview release of RedisInsight 2.0 (v2.0.2)!


RedisInsight 2.0 is a complete product rewrite based on a new tech stack. This version contains a number of must-have and most-used capabilities from previous releases, plus a number of differentiators and delighters.

RedisInsight-preview 2.0 can be installed along with the current GA (1.11) version of RedisInsight with no issues.


  • Developed using a new tech stack based on Electron, Elastic UI, and Monaco Editor
  • Introducing Workbench - advanced command line interface with intelligent command auto-complete and complex data visualizations
  • Ability to write and render your own data visualizations within Workbench
  • Built-in click-through Redis guides available
  • Support for Light and Dark themes
  • Enhanced user experience with Browser

Full Details:

  • Core:
    • Enhanced user experience with the list of databases:
      • View, sort and edit databases added
      • Multiple deletion of databases
    • Ability to connect to Redis Standalone, Redis Cluster and Redis Sentinel
    • Auto discovery of databases managed by Redis Enterprise, Redis Cloud (Flexible), and Redis Sentinel
    • Support for Redis OSS Cluster API
    • Support for TLS connection
    • Works with Microsoft Azure (official support upcoming)
  • Workbench:
    • Advanced command-line interface that lets you run commands against your Redis server
    • Workbench editor allows comments, multi-line formatting and multi-command execution
    • Intelligent Redis command auto-complete and syntax highlighting with support for RediSearch, RedisJSON, RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries, RedisGears, RedisAI, RedisBloom
    • Allows rendering custom data visualization per Redis command using externally developed plugins
  • Browser:
    • Browse, filter and visualize key-value Redis data structures
      • Visual cues per data type
      • Quick view of size and ttl in the main browser view
      • Ability to filter by pattern and/or data type
      • Ability to change the number of keys to scan through during filtering
    • CRUD support for Lists, Hashes, Strings, Sets, Sorted Sets
      • Search within the data structure (except for Strings)
    • CRUD support for RedisJSON
  • Database overview:
    • A number of metrics always on display within the database workspace
      • Metrics updated every 5 second
      • CPU, number of keys, commands/sec, network input, network output, total memory, number of connected clients
    • Enabled modules per Redis server listed
  • CLI:
    • Command-line interface with enhanced type-ahead command help
    • Embedded command helper where you can filter and search for Redis commands
  • RediSearch:
    • Tabular visualizations within Workbench of RediSearch index queries and aggregations (support for FT.INFO, FT.SEARCH and FT.AGGREGATE)
  • Custom plugins:
    • Ability to build your own visualization plugins to be rendered within Workbench
    • Documentation on how to develop custom plugins and a reference example are provided
  • Built-in guides:
    • Built-in click-through guides for Redis capabilities
    • Added a guide on Document Capabilities within Redis
  • User interface (UI):
  • Data encryption:
    • Optional ability to encrypt sensitive data such as connection certificates and passwords