If you want to automate adding a Redis database without filling the database form, you might want to add database via GET URL.

Below is the documentation for the URL required to add databases.

Add Redis database

Used to add Redis databases to RedisInsight.

URL : /add/

Method : GET

Query Parameters

These are the required query parameters for any type of database.

Parameter Type Required/Optional Description
host string required Hostname of your Redis database.
port number required Port of your Redis database.
name string optional A nick name for the Redis database. Any string is valid
username string optional Username of your Redis database.
passsword string optional Password of your Redis database.
tls boolean optional "true" if your Redis database has TLS enabled.
verifyServer boolean optional "true" if the server certificate of you Redis database has to be verified.
masterName string optional master name of the monitoring database
masterUsername string optional master username of the monitoring database
masterPassword string optional master password of the monitoring database
redirect boolean optional "true" if you want to redirect to instance page after successful addition.
If you want to add the TLS certificates for your Redis database, you have to manually fill database form.


Standalone database
Cluster database
Sentinel database
Standalone database with ACL
Standalone database with TLS