You can view and set various cluster settings such as cluster name, email service, time zone, and license in the Settings > General page.

Entering a cluster key

After purchasing a cluster key and if your account has the “Admin” role, you can enter the key in the Cluster Key field, either during initial
cluster creation or at any time afterward. The key defines various cluster settings, such as the maximum number of shards you can have in the cluster. For more detailed information see Cluster License Keys.

Viewing the maximum number of allowed shards

The maximum number of allowed shards, which is determined by the Cluster Key, appears in the Max number of shards field.

Viewing the cluster name

The cluster name appears in the Cluster name field. This gives a common name that your team or Redis support can refer to. It is especially helpful if you have multiple clusters.

Setting your time zone

You can set your time zone in the Timezone field. This is recommended in order to make sure that the date, time fields, and log entries are shown in your preferred time zone.

Configuring email server settings

To enable receiving alerts by email, fill in the details for your email server in the email server settings section and select the requested connection security method: TLS/SSL, STARTTLS, or None. Upon completing to fill-in all details, it is advisable to verify the specified settings by clicking Test Mail.