Redis Enterprise Software employs various algorithms to optimize performance. As part of this process, Redis Enterprise Software examines usage characteristics and load to adjust its run-time configuration accordingly. Depending on your specific usage characteristics and load, it might take Redis Enterprise Software some time to adjust itself to optimal performance.

To ensure optimal performance, you must run your workload several times and for a long duration until performance stabilizes.

In addition, you can optimize your cluster for two different environments:

  • Local-network environment
  • Cloud environment

Depending on which configuration you choose, Redis Enterprise Software uses different thresholds to make operation related decisions.

The default configuration is for local-network environments. If you are running in a cloud environment, it is advisable that you change the configuration.

How to change the cluster environment configuration

In the rladmin command-line interface (CLI), run the following command:

rladmin tune cluster watchdog_profile [cloud | local-network]

If after following all of the instructions above, you find that RS still does not meet your performance expectations, contact us at [email protected] to help you optimize RS to your specific needs.