You can manage your Redis Enterprise Software databases with several different tools:

  • Admin console (the web-based user interface)
  • Command-line tools

Admin console

You can change the configuration of a Redis Enterprise Software database at any time.

To edit the configuration of a database using the admin console:

  1. Go to Database and select the database that you want to edit.

  2. Go to Configuration and click Edit at the bottom of the page. The database settings appear.

  3. Change any of the configurable database settings.

    For Active-Active database instances, most database settings only apply to the instance that you are editing.
  4. Click Update.

Command-line tools

For details on using command line tools see:

  • rladmin for standalone database configuration
  • crdb-cli for Active-Active database configuration
  • redis-cli for open source Redis configuration


See the REST API reference for details on using the API to configure your database.