This section explains how you can:

  • Import data into your Redis Enterprise Software database
  • Export from your database to another data store
  • Flush your data out of your database

    Import data into a database

    You can import export or backup files of a specific Redis Enterprise Software database to restore data. You can either import from a single file or from multiple files, such as when you want to import from a backup of a clustered database.

    Export data from a database

    You can export data to import it into a new database or to make a backup. This article shows how to do so.

    Flush database data

    To delete the data in a database without deleting the database, you can use Redis CLI to flush it from the database. You can also use Redis CLI, the admin console, and the Redis Software REST API to flush data from Active-Active databases.

    Schedule periodic backups

    You can manually export your data from a specific Redis Enterprise Software database at any time. You can also schedule backups of your databases to make sure you always have valid backups.

    Migrate a database to Active-Active

    Use Replica Of to migrate your database to an Active-Active database.

    Replica Of geo-distributed Redis

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