Warning -
To ensure that Redis Enterprise Software functions properly, be careful with the files in the application directories. If you modify or delete the application files, Redis Enterprise Software might not work as expected.

Application directories

The directories that Redis Enterprise Software installs into are:

Path Description
/opt/redislabs Main installation directory for all Redis Enterprise Software binaries
/opt/redislabs/bin Binaries for all the utilities for command-line access and management, such as rladmin or redis-cli
/opt/redislabs/config System configuration files
/opt/redislabs/lib System library files
/opt/redislabs/sbin System binaries for tweaking provisioning

Configuration and data directories

The default directories that Redis Enterprise Software uses for data and metadata are:

Path Description
/var/opt/redislabs Default storage location for the cluster data, system logs, backups, and ephemeral, persisted data
/var/opt/redislabs/log System logs for Redis Enterprise Software
/var/opt/redislabs/run Socket files for Redis Enterprise Software
/etc/opt/redislabs Default location for cluster manager configuration and certificates
/tmp Temporary files

You can change these file locations for: