Develop with Redis clients

    Redis client libraries allow you to connect to Redis instances from within your application. This section provides an overview of several recommended Redis clients for popular programming and scripting languages.

    Benchmark a Redis on Flash enabled database

    Redis on Flash (RoF) on Redis Enterprise Software lets you use cost-effective Flash memory as a RAM extension for your database. But what does the performance look like as compared to a memory-only database, one stored solely in RAM? These scenarios use the memtier_benchmark utility to evaluate the performance of a Redis Enterprise Software deployment, including the trial version. The memtier_benchmark utility is located in /opt/redislabs/bin/ of Redis Enterprise Software deployments.

    Command-line utilities

    Documents the command-line utilities included with Redis Enterprise Software.

    Redis Enterprise Software compatibility with open source Redis

    Redis Enterprise Software is compatible with open source Redis (OSS Redis). Redis contributes extensively to the open source Redis project and uses it inside of Redis Enterprise Software. As a rule, we adhere to the open source project’s specifications and makes every effort to update Redis Enterprise Software with the latest version of open source Redis. Redis commands Any standard Redis client can be used with Redis Software. There is some Redis functionality (shown below) that’s not applicable for Redis Software:


    Documents the REST API available to Redis Enterprise Software deployments.

    Terminology in Redis Enterprise Software

    Explains terms used in Redis Enterprise Software and its docs.