Deletes an Active-Active database.

crdb-cli crdb delete --crdb-guid <guid>
         [ --no-wait ]

This command is irreversible. If the data in your database is important, back it up before you delete the database.


Parameter Value Description
crdb-guid string The GUID of the database (required)
no-wait Does not wait for the task to complete


Returns the task ID of the task that is deleting the database.

If --no-wait is specified, the command exits. Otherwise, it will wait for the database to be deleted and return finished.


$ crdb-cli crdb delete --crdb-guid db6365b5-8aca-4055-95d8-7eb0105c0b35
Task dfe6cacc-88ff-4667-812e-938fd05fe359 created
  ---> Status changed: queued -> started
  ---> Status changed: started -> finished