Shows the status of a specified Active-Active database task.

crdb-cli task status --task-id <task_id>


Parameter Value Description
task-id <task_id> string An Active-Active database task ID (required)
verbose N/A Returns detailed information when specified
no-verbose N/A Returns limited information when specified

The --verbose and --no-verbose options are mutually incompatible; specify one or the other.

The 404 Not Found error indicates an invalid task ID. Use the task list command to determine available task IDs.


Returns the status of an Active-Active database task.


$ crdb-cli task status --task-id e1c49470-ae0b-4df8-885b-9c755dd614d0
Task-ID: e1c49470-ae0b-4df8-885b-9c755dd614d0
CRDB-GUID: 1d7741cc-1110-4e2f-bc6c-935292783d24
Operation: create_crdb
Status: finished
Worker-Name: crdb_worker:1:0
Started: 2022-10-12T09:33:41Z
Ended: 2022-10-12T09:33:55Z