Creates a new cluster. The node where you run rladmin cluster create becomes the first node of the new cluster.

cluster create
        name <cluster name>
        username <admin email>
        password <admin password>
        [ node_uid <node UID> ] 
        [ rack_aware ]
        [ rack_id <node rack ID> ]
        [ license_file <file> ]
        [ ephemeral_path <path> ]
        [ persistent_path <path> ]
        [ ccs_persistent_path <path> ]
        [ register_dns_suffix ]
        [ flash_enabled ]
        [ flash_path <path> ]
        [ addr <IP address> ]
        [ external_addr <IP address> ]


Parameter Type/Value Description
addr IP address The node’s internal IP address (optional)
ccs_persistent_path filepath (default: /var/opt/redislabs/persist) Path to the location of CCS snapshots (optional)
ephemeral_path filepath (default: /var/opt/redislabs) Path to the ephemeral storage location (optional)
external_addr IP address The node’s external IP address (optional)
flash_enabled Enables flash storage (optional)
flash_path filepath (default: /var/opt/redislabs/flash) Path to the flash storage location (optional)
license_file filepath Path to the RLEC license file (optional)
name string Cluster name
node_uid integer Unique node ID (optional)
password string Admin user’s password
persistent_path filepath (default: /var/opt/redislabs/persist) Path to the persistent storage location (optional)
rack_aware Activates or deactivates rack awareness (optional)
rack_id string The rack’s unique identifier (optional)
register_dns_suffix Enables database mapping to both internal and external IP addresses (optional)
username email address Admin user’s email address


Returns ok if the new cluster was created successfully. Otherwise, it returns an error message.


$ rladmin cluster create name cluster.local \
        username [email protected] \
        password admin-password
Creating a new cluster... ok