Schedules a restart of the Redis Enterprise Software processes on primary and replica instances of a specific database.

rladmin restart db { db:<id> | <name> }


Parameter Type/Value Description
db db:<id>
Restarts Redis Enterprise Software processes for the specified database
discard_data Allows discarding data if there is no persistence or replication
force_discard Forcibly discards data even if there is persistence or replication
preserve_roles Performs an additional failover to maintain shard roles


Returns Done if the restart completed successfully. Otherwise, it returns an error.


$ rladmin restart db db:5 preserve_roles
Monitoring 1db07491-35da-4bb6-9bc1-56949f4c312a
active - SMUpgradeBDB init
active - SMUpgradeBDB stop_forwarding
active - SMUpgradeBDB stop_active_expire
active - SMUpgradeBDB check_slave
oactive - SMUpgradeBDB stop_active_expire
active - SMUpgradeBDB second_failover
completed - SMUpgradeBDB