Name Type/Value Description
uid integer Unique ID of this source
client_cert string Client certificate to use if encryption is enabled
client_key string Client key to use if encryption is enabled
compression integer, (range: 0-6) Compression level for the replication link
encryption boolean Encryption enabled/disabled
lag integer Lag in milliseconds between source and destination (while synced)
last_error string Last error encountered when syncing from the source
last_update string Time when we last received an update from the source
rdb_size integer The source’s RDB size to be transferred during the syncing phase
rdb_transferred integer Number of bytes transferred from the source’s RDB during the syncing phase
replication_tls_sni string Replication TLS server name indication
server_cert string Server certificate to use if encryption is enabled
status string Sync status of this source
uri string Source Redis URI