A bootstrap configuration object.

Name Type/Value Description
action ‘create_cluster’
Action to perform
cluster cluster_identity object Cluster to join or create
cnm_https_port integer Port to join a cluster with non-default cnm_https port
credentials credentials object Cluster admin credentials

  "name": string,
  "cluster_default": boolean,
  "use_aaaa_ns": boolean,
  "use_internal_addr": boolean,
  "slaves": array
}, ...]
Explicit configuration of DNS suffixes
name: DNS suffix name
cluster_default: Should this suffix be the default cluster suffix
use_aaaa_ns: Should AAAA records be published for NS records
use_internal_addr: Should internal cluster IPs be published for databases
slaves: List of replica servers that should be published as NS and notified
license string License string
max_retries integer Max number of retries in case of recoverable errors
node node_identity object Node description
policy policy object Policy object
recovery_filename string Name of backup file to recover from
required_version string This node can only join the cluster if all nodes in the cluster have a version greater than the required_version
retry_time integer Max waiting time between retries (in seconds)