An object that represents the database configuration.

Name Type/Value Description
aof_policy string Policy for Append-Only File data persistence
authentication_admin_pass string Administrative databases access token
authentication_redis_pass string Redis AUTH password (deprecated as of Redis Enterprise v7.2, replaced with multiple passwords feature in version 6.0.X)
bigstore boolean Database driver is Auto Tiering
bigstore_ram_size integer Memory size of RAM size
data_persistence string Database on-disk persistence
enforce_client_authentication ‘enabled’
Require authentication of client certificates for SSL connections to the database. If enabled, a certificate should be provided in either authentication_ssl_client_certs or authentication_ssl_crdt_certs
max_aof_file_size integer Hint for maximum AOF file size
max_aof_load_time integer Hint for maximum AOF reload time
memory_size integer Database memory size limit, in bytes
oss_cluster boolean Enables OSS Cluster mode
oss_cluster_api_preferred_ip_type string Indicates preferred IP type in OSS cluster API: internal/external
oss_sharding boolean An alternative to shard_key_regex for using the common case of the OSS shard hashing policy
port integer TCP port for database access
proxy_policy string The policy used for proxy binding to the endpoint
rack_aware boolean Require the database to be always replicated across multiple racks
replication boolean Database replication
sharding boolean (default: false) Cluster mode (server-side sharding). When true, shard hashing rules must be provided by either oss_sharding or shard_key_regex

  "regex": string
}, ...]

To use the default rules you should set the value to:

  { “regex”: “.*\\{(?< tag >.*)\\}.*” }, 
  { “regex”: “(?< tag >.*)” }
Custom keyname-based sharding rules (required if sharding is enabled)
shards_count integer Number of database shards
shards_placement string Control the density of shards: should they reside on as few or as many nodes as possible
snapshot_policy array of snapshot_policy objects Policy for snapshot-based data persistence (required)
tls_mode string Encrypt communication