An object that represents the database configuration to include in an Active-Active database health report.

Name Type/Value Description
causal_consistency boolean Enables causal consistency across Active-Active replicas
encryption boolean Intercluster encryption
featureset_version integer CRDB active FeatureSet version
  "id": integer, // Unique instance ID
  "db_uid": string, // Local database instance ID
  "cluster": {
    "name": string // Cluster FQDN
    "url": string // Cluster access URL
}, ...] 
Local database instances
name string Name of database
protocol_version integer CRDB active protocol version
status string Current status of the configuration.
Possible values:
posted: Configuration was posted to all replicas
ready: All replicas have finished processing posted configuration (create a database)
committed: Posted configuration is now active on all replicas
commit-completed: All replicas have finished processing committed configuration (database is active)
failed: Configuration failed to post
version integer Database configuration version