Method Path Description
GET /v1/cluster/stats Get cluster stats

Get cluster stats

GET /v1/cluster/stats

Get cluster statistics.

Required permissions

Permission name


Example HTTP request

GET /cluster/stats/1?interval=1hour&stime=2014-08-28T10:00:00Z 

Request headers

Key Value Description
Host cnm.cluster.fqdn Domain name
Accept application/json Accepted media type

Query parameters

Field Type Description
interval string Time interval for which we want stats: 1sec/10sec/5min/15min/1hour/12hour/1week (optional)
stime ISO_8601 Start time from which we want the stats. Should comply with the ISO_8601 format (optional)
etime ISO_8601 End time after which we don’t want the stats. Should comply with the ISO_8601 format (optional)


Returns statistics for the cluster.

Example JSON body

  "intervals": [
      "interval": "1hour",
      "stime": "2015-05-27T12:00:00Z",
      "etime": "2015-05-28T12:59:59Z",
      "conns": 0.0,
      "cpu_idle": 0.8533959401503577,
      "cpu_system": 0.01602159448549579,
      "cpu_user": 0.08721123782294203,
      "egress_bytes": 1111.2184745131947,
      "ephemeral_storage_avail": 3406676307.1449075,
      "ephemeral_storage_free": 4455091440.360014,
      "free_memory": 2745470765.673594,
      "ingress_bytes": 220.84083194769272,
      "interval": "1week",
      "persistent_storage_avail": 3406676307.1533995,
      "persistent_storage_free": 4455091440.088265,
      "total_req": 0.0
      "interval": "1hour",
      "stime": "2015-05-27T13:00:00Z",
      "etime": "2015-05-28T13:59:59Z",
      "// additional fields..."

Status codes

Code Description
200 OK No error
500 Internal Server Error Internal server error