Here’s what changed recently in Redis Enterprise Software:

Version (Release date)  Major changes OSS Redis compatibility
6.4.2 releases Pub/sub ACLs & default permissions. Validate client certificates by subject attributes. Ubuntu 20.04 support. Redis 6.2.6
6.2.18 releases Database auditing. Private key encryption. Active-Active database support for MEMORY USAGE command. Redis 6.2.6
6.2.12 (August 2022) OCSP Support. Password & session configuration changes. RHEL 8.6 support. Redis 6.2.6
6.2.10 (February 2022) Python 3 support. RHEL 8.5 support. Redis 6.2.5
6.2.8 (October 2021) RHEL 8 support. Set backup start time. Redis 6.2.3
6.2.4 (August 2021) Internode encryption. Nginx replaced by envoy. New upgrade policies/behavior. Redis 6.2
6.0.20 (April 2021) Role-based LDAP integration. Enhanced client mutual authentication. Active-Active improvements for eviction policies, migration, and the BITFIELD data type. Redis 6.0.9
6.0.12 (January 2021) Distribute synchronization across nodes for Active-Active and Active-Passive databases. Disable internal services to free memory. User accounts support password rotation. Module depdencies automatically installed. Syncer process recovery. Redis 6.0.6
6.0.8 (September 2020) RediSearch 2.0 support. Improved rladmin support for module upgrades. Redis 6.0.5
6.0 (May 2020) ACL and RBAC improvements for database access. Active-Active databases support Redis Streams. Redis 6
Previous releases Release notes for Redis Enterprise Software 5.6.0 (April 2020) and earlier versions.