public java.lang.String register()

public java.lang.String register(ExecutionMode mode)

public java.lang.String register(
    ExecutionMode mode, 
    gears.operations.OnRegisteredOperation onRegister, 
    gears.operations.OnUnregisteredOperation onUnregistered)

Registers the pipeline of functions to run when certain events occur. The registered functions will run each time the event occurs.

Execution modes:

Name Description
ASYNC Runs asynchronously on all of the shards.
ASYNC_LOCAL Runs asynchronously but only on the current shard that generated the event.
SYNC Runs synchronously only on the same shard that generated the event.
If you call register() without specifying an execution mode, it will default to ASYNC.


Name Type Description
mode ExecutionMode The execution mode to use (ASYNC/ASYNC_LOCAL/SYNC)
onRegister OnRegisteredOperation Register callback that will be called on each shard upon register
onUnregistered OnUnregisteredOperation Unregister callback that will be called on each shard upon unregister


Returns a registration ID.