RG.JEXECUTE <path.to.main.class> [UPGRADE] <JAR file>

Executes a Java function.

The code runs immediately if it uses GearsBuilder.run(). Code that uses GearsBuilder.register() will run later, every time certain events occur in the database.


Name Description
path.to.main.class The path to the main class in the JAR
JAR file A JAR file that contains the RedisGears code to run or register
UPGRADE Upgrades registered code to a new version


If the executed code calls GearsBuilder.run(), it returns the output of the executed code.

For registered code, it returns the string “OK” instead.


The executed code in this example runs immediately:

$ redis-cli -x RG.JEXECUTE com.domain.packagename.Reviews < /tmp/rgjvmtest-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
1) 1) "3.6666666666666665"
2) (empty array)

This example registers the RedisGears code to run every time certain database events occur:

$ redis-cli -x RG.JEXECUTE com.domain.packagename.App < /tmp/rgjvmtest-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

Here’s an example of how to upgrade registered code to a new version:

$ redis-cli -x RG.JEXECUTE com.domain.packagename.App UPGRADE < /tmp/rgjvmtest-0.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar