Before you can use RedisGears with the JVM, you need to install the RedisGears module and JVM plugin on your Redis Enterprise cluster and enable them for a database.


  1. Redis Enterprise v6.0.12 or later

  2. Created a Redis Enterprise cluster

  3. Added nodes to the cluster

  4. Installed RedisGears and the JVM plugin

Enable RedisGears for a database

  1. From the Redis Enterprise admin console’s databases page, select the Add button to create a new database:

    The Add icon
  2. Confirm that you want to create a new Redis database with the Next button.

  3. On the create database page, give your database a name.

  4. For Redis Modules, select the Add button and choose RedisGears from the Module dropdown list.

  5. Select Add Configuration, enter Plugin gears_jvm in the box, then select the OK button:

    The Save icon
    You can configure additional JVM options in this box. For example:

    Plugin gears_jvm JvmOptions '-Dproperty1=value1 -Dproperty2=value2'
  6. Select the Activate button.

Verify the install

Run the RG.JSTATS command from a database shard to view statistics and verify that you set up RedisGears and the JVM plugin correctly:

$ shard-cli 3> RG.JSTATS