Redis Enterprise comes packaged with several modules. You can view the installed modules and their versions from Cluster > Modules in the Redis Enterprise admin console.

To use other modules or upgrade an existing module to a more recent version, you need to install the new module package on your cluster.

Warning -
  • Some module versions are not supported or recommended for use with Redis Enterprise.

  • We recommend consulting Redis support before you upgrade a module on the cluster, especially if the cluster is used in production.

Get packaged modules

To install or upgrade a module on a Redis Enterprise cluster, you need a module package.

Add a module to a cluster

Use one of the following methods to add a module to a Redis Enterprise cluster:

REST API method

To add a module to the cluster using the REST API:

  1. Download the module package from the download center.

  2. Copy the package to a node in the cluster.

  3. Add the module to the cluster with a POST request to the /v2/modules endpoint:

    POST https://[host][:port]/v2/modules

    Here, the module parameter specifies the full path of the module package and must be submitted as form-data. In addition, the package must be available and accessible to the server processing the request.

  4. If the module installation succeeds, the POST request returns a JSON object that represents the new module. If it fails, it may return a JSON object with an error_code and description with more details.

Admin console method

To add a module to the cluster using the admin console:

  1. Go to Cluster > Modules.

  2. Select Upload module.

  3. Use the file browser to add the packaged module.

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