In addition to the modules packaged and certified by Redis, there are many custom modules that are compatible with Redis Enterprise.

To use custom modules with a Redis Enterprise database, you need to package them with the RAMP (Redis Automatic Module Packaging) utility before you install them on the cluster.

Warning -
Redis does not officially support third-party modules or databases created with them.


Install the ramp-packer utility:

pip install ramp-packer

Package custom modules

Before you can install and enable a custom module in a new database, you need to download, compile, and package it with the RAMP utility.

Download the module

Download the module source code:

git clone

Compile the module

Compile the module with the following command:

cd myModule/;make

Package the module with RAMP

$ ramp pack <> -a "Your Name" \
    -e "[email protected]" -A "x86_64" -d "My Module" \
    -h "" -l "LicenseType" -r "4.0.2"

See the RAMP README for more information about RAMP’s command-line options.

Next steps

  1. Install the custom module on the cluster.
  2. Create a database and enable the custom module.